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Curaplex® Nasal Cannulas | Bound Tree- oxy cannula băng đô để bán florida dmv ca hẹn trực tuyến ,Curaplex nasal cannulas come in a variety of sizes for all your adult and pediatric patient needs. Featuring both green and clear tubing to match your preference, these cannulas also feature over-the-ear functionality for comfort.4' Cannula Bundle - OxiMedical Oxygen4' Cannula Bundle - OxiMedical Oxygen. Home / Accessories / Oxygen Accessories / 4′ Cannula Bundle. Oxygen Accessories. 4′ Cannula Bundle. Nasal Cannula with 4′ Tubing – 8 Cannula. $ 30.00. Oxygen Accessories.

McKesson Low Flow Oxygen Cannula - 32637 Adult-Size ...

Adult Curved Prong Nasal Cannula Cs/50, Cannula with 7' supply line. Curved Prong, Non-Flared. Clear, Crush-Resistant, lightweight adult cannula is made with the Salter-Style® manufacturing process producing a soft, anatomically designed, one piece, seamless cannula that is comfortable to wear.

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Capnoflex Nasal Cannula, Airway Adapter, Dash 3000 and 4000 Monitors: 1 EA: Stock Allocated QTY: / Remaining QTY: / Allocation Reset Date: CRM2013066002: Capnoflex Cannula for CO2, Pediatric, 7' 10/CS: Stock Allocated QTY: / Remaining QTY: / Allocation Reset Date: CRM2013066004:

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Incorporates split-prong nasal design and two oxygen supply tubes with standard connectors. Design provides control and comfort in synchronizing breathing with oxygen conserving regulators. Requires a conserving regulator with two ports, one for oxygen delivery and one for pressure sampling. Specifications. Cannula Curved.

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Nasal Cannula Features: Latex-free & medical grade DEHP free PVC material. Ergonomic design for better patient comfort. Star lumen oxygen tubing to reduce the risk of kinking. Single patient use to avoid cross-contamination. Three sizes...

Drug Delivery Cannula - MTD Micro Molding

Drug Delivery Cannula. Materials: This drug delivery device is made from Polypropylene. Description: This thin-walled micromolded cannula design includes walls as thin as .0025″.

Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannulae Curved Prong

Infant, Nasal Cannula Curved Prong. 2.1 M Tube 1160002. RELATED PRODUCTS. Adult curved/flared prong cannula with tube, 1.8m length 1167000. £2.08. Adult Nasal Cannula Curved Prongs Dual Lumen 1.25m Tube. £5.20. OxyArm Plus Adjustable Head Band Diffuser Arm 7′ Tubing OA-PLUS-1125-8.

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Digicare Medical Products is one of the most trusted suppliers of medical equipments and supplies. We have been catering to some of the Philippines’ leading dealers and wholesalers of medical products for more than a decade.

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